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Anastasia Kokori - Project Manager
Anastasia is the Astrographic Officer and an Observatory Explainer at Greenwich Royal Observatory in London. She is a graduate of the Space Studies Program (SSP) 2018, organised by the International Space University (ISU), and also holds an MSc in Science Communication from Dublin City University (DCU), and a Primary Education Degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is also, a Journalist and an amateur Astronomer, and has experience in organising projects that involve the public and school students. She also has a long experience in working at the Mt. Holomon observatory, where she conducted her undergraduate thesis.

Angelos Tsiaras - Science Manager
Angelos is a Post-doctoral resereacher at UCL (University College London) in London. He is a Physicist graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has a PhD in Astronomy from UCL. As an expert in data analysis, both with ground-based and spaced-based telescopes, he is the main developer of the scientific tools used in the project and has a long experience in working at the Mt. Holomon observatory, where he conducted his undergraduate thesis.


Holomon Astronomical Station - AUTh

Nunki Observatory - Nikos Paschalis

Telescope Live Network

Elizabeth Observatory of Athens - Iakovos Strikis

Artemis Observatory - Dimitrios Deligeorgopoulos

Galileo Observatory - Dimitrios Stouraitis

NOAK Observatory - Nikos Sioulas